Kunal Nandi MEng MA MSc


2009 - 2011: Innovation Design Engineering MA / MSc [Royal College of Art / Imperial College]

2001 - 2005: Mechanical Engineering MEng [University of Bristol], 2:1 Awarded

1991 - 1998: King Edwards School [Birmingham], 3 A-levels, 2 AS-levels, 10 GCSEs


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2019 - present: SharkNinja, Mechanical Engineer
As part of an R&D team developing a redesigned electric motor, achievements included:
- Producing over 120 CAD models that were used in five different experimental rigs.
- Creating the associated toleranced drawings for each of the precision parts.
- Liaising with manufacturers for production of parts. Most were CNC turned or milled from aluminium and steel. Others were 3D printed, welded, chemically etched or water-jet cut
- Upon receipt of parts, I assembled rigs together to check fit and function.
- I lathed and milled jigs and modifications to parts in the onsite workshop.
- Managing day-to-day admin alongside design and production tasks, including purchase orders for parts and equipment.
Prior to this motor project I was a contractor working on the recently unveiled VacMop project.
- I produced many working prototypes for the handle. This was a crucial area as the touchpoints for the spray and vacuum functions had to be intuitive.
- I worked closely with the factory team in China to get CAD to a pre-production level for manufacturing.

2010 - present: Freelance Designer, Engineer and Artist
Worked on a variety of projects for clients such as Ebee, Epson, Freshworks, Furnace, Giraffe Reader, Intel, Jaguar Land Rover, Keech Design, Loowatt, Royal College Of Art, Safetynet, Seeper, Spark Product Creation, Studio XO and WPP.
My work has been mainly CAD-based, centred around products, one-off prototypes and installations, more often than not with an eye on moving into the manufactured realm.
Some things I have worked on include an innovative electronically controlled diesel engine, a prototype for a waterless toilet being trialled in Madagascar's capital, kinetic costumes for major pop stars, concepts for a sit-stand desk and a pair of prop cannons for use in a film.

2005 - 2009: Airbus UK (formerly British Aerospace), Engineer
I worked as a Designer and CAD operator on wing structures, primarily for new aircraft and research projects. I did a full year prior to university on the factory floor as well as on a group project. There were various technical and business placements in subsequent summer holidays before joining the company full-time. A three month placement with Virgin Atlantic was also included as part of the graduate scheme.
Awards & Exhibitions

2013: Lady Gaga Artpop Launch, Brooklyn [New York]

2013: The Future Of Retail, Central Saint Martins [London]

2013: Big Idea Award, Observer Ethical Awards [London]

2012: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Reinvent The Toilet Fair [Seattle]

2011: Royal College Of Art Graduate Show [London]

2011: Judges' Award for Best Concept in the 24 Hour Design Challenge, Include Conference 2011 [London]

2011: What's Bubbling 2011 Kitchen Tools Competition [Chicago]

2011: Royal College Of Art Interim Show [London]

2010: Oneoff Food Design 6 [Turin & London]

2008: Patent obtained for an idea related to bonding of structural elements within a composite wingbox.

1999: Silver Award For Innovation, Airbus UK - our group project developed a local school’s CAM facility.

1998: Sponsored Undergraduate Programme, Airbus UK - I won one of twelve places on the scheme.

General: Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint

CAD: Solidworks (CSWP certified), OnShape, Blender, Keyshot

Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Video: Premiere, AfterEffects

Programming: HTML, Arduino, Processing

Workshop, machining and electronics skills

Sketching and ideation skills

Languages: English (fluent), French (conversational)

Full, clean driving license

SuperFi is a record label I have run in my spare time for over ten years. It has focussed on punk, hardcore and doom music made by friends with a strong DIY ethic. I have been involved with almost 90 different releases on analogue and digital formats, and help distribute releases in this country by like-minded labels from all over the world.

Savage Realm, Art Of Burning Water, Field Boss and Reigns are bands that I have played bass and drums for. All have released records and toured the UK and Europe. I also sing and play the guitar, cello and piano.

I greatly enjoy reading, especially novels in the cult or sci-fi realm. I write music reviews for a popular online community / webzine run by a friend. I have a great interest in cinema also, and have made short films in the past.

I work on personal projects in my spare time that attempt to utilise my engineering knowledge as well as the newer skills obtained during my recent masters course, such as design, electronics and programming knowledge. I aim to make each project a learning experience and there are plenty in the pipeline.

Remap is a charity that I have recently started working with. They custom-make equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives. The solutions can be very simple although some require a physical product and some electronics work.