Loowatt is a startup concerned with turning waste streams into profit, primarily in developing countries.

A pilot scheme is being set up in the capital of Madagascar that takes human and organic waste and converts it into natural gas and fertiliser.

I helped design and build some prototype waterless toilets, which included the mechanism at the heart as well as the surrounding body and features.

The opportunity to assist setting up the pilot scheme also arose. I spent five weeks in the field setting up the toilet in situ among other things.

I was also involved in the production of an exhibition model which was showcased at the Gates Foundation "Reinvent The Toilet Fair" in Seattle.


CAD model of toilet shape

MDF toilet body CNC'd by 2MZ and carbon-fibre mould made by Olympic

Testing and production of concrete bodies in the UK and Madagascar

First production of advanced prototype

More views of advanced prototype

Explanatory model for Gates Foundation Fair

Scale model of toilet site for Gates Foundation Fair

Explanatory model showing potential sites

The problem we are trying to combat

The final toilet in situ in Antananarivo