Street Wheels

Street Wheels won the Judges' Award in the 24 Hour Design Challenge at the 2011 Include Conference.

The concept was a fun, addictive game designed for use on the internet and smartphones.

A variety of different wheeled modes of transport could be used to navigate urban areas, in racing or exploratory scenarios.

In this way, awareness would be raised as to the importance of terrain and the obstacles people encounter every day.

The multi-disciplinary team had never met before the event and came from a number of different backgrounds.

It was a collaboration with Simon Grisdale, Garikoitz Iruretagoiena, Tulio Maximo, Ben Mortimer and Helena Sustar.

Video explanation

Title screen

Transport selection

Encountering obstacles

Scenario selection

Arcade version screenshot

The team at work

Design Week article (click for larger version)