JOTNARR - Rotten Fucking Planet CS

Out now!

It has been about four years since we had some sweetly hefty yet melodic black-metal-infused d-beat stuff from England's oldest city. Five tracks in 17 minutes, all on a translucent pink tape with stunning art by Wes Brown.

Extremely pleased to have this out after numerous delays which I have to admit were on the label's end. Apologies to the band and everyone who was waiting for this to come out.

Take a listen and/or download for free here:


Here are some nice reviews for ATOMCK's - Towering Failures LP

The Quietus
The Sleeping Shaman
Outside Noise


ATOMCK - Towering Failures LP - out now!

Atomck are back! Expanded to a quartet, here is more of their uniquely eccentric and offbeat brand of grindcore for thee end-tymes. Another head crusher of cacophonous chaos, all furiously catchy riffs and inhumanly shrill, stuck-ape vocals with pinpoint drums that border on the chaotic.

"Newly expanded to a quartet, Towering Failures is undoubtedly the band's heaviest and most sonically flattening release to date, boasting a gigantic tone that sounds downright apocalyptic on slower numbers. For the most part though, this album races past at lightspeed, but manages to convey a host of different moods and textures in amongst its frantic delivery. Atomck have been getting better and better with each subsequent album, but this is surely their most powerful and definitive record to date, and one of the most inventive and memorable grindcore records of the year thus far." - The Quietus

"Like a budgie with a whistle" - Ninehertz

You can buy the LP from us, and the band also have copies at gigs and so on.
You can buy a download direct from the band:
It will be available in stores and on streaming services soon.


I simplified the website a bit. I think it's important to have some sort of web presence outside of the social media sphere and am glad something like Neocities exists to host it.

We are back in the game with a few releases coming out this year:
Hozomeen - The Void LP [Out 05/05/23]
Hubert Selby Junior Infants - Good Evening Pricks, It's The... CS [Out 05/05/23]
plus more in the Autumn.

HOZOMEEN - The Void LP - Out 05/05/23

A mean, moody, minimalist piece of noise-rock by our old friend Graham Thompson who is/was in a slew of class bands in the Newcastle area, including but not limited to Jinn, Grace, OZO, Ballpeen, Jimmy Floyd Haisselband and Sea Ninety. Graham did practically everything on this, from the writing, performing and recording so it's very much his baby. A tense, dark approach to repetition coupled with effective, nasty riffing propels this classy bit of noise-rock. This LP is limited to 102 copies on black vinyl with a proper sleeve. Listen to a few tracks and watch the trailer below.

HUBERT SELBY JUNIOR INFANTS - Good Evening Pricks, It's The... CS - Out 05/05/23

The first songs by this Dublin band on audio cassette. Think of the good 90's indie / grunge bands with a bit more math and some bite and you're pretty much there. Think Sebadoh, Pixies, Nirvana, Slint, Swervedriver, Husker Du and the like. Full disclosure: I'm in this band, alongside some luminaries of the Dublin scene who have been in the likes of Drainland and Estel. Also strictly speaking, this is on our offshoot label Tapes Of Wrath.