CASING - Patterns Of Deterioration CS

"Patterns Of Deterioration” is a six song dive into depravity, nihilism, and desperation that instantly positions this new project among the most lauded voices in noise-punk, as well as strong links forged with grindcore, sludge and powerelectronics.

What began as quarantine-era stagnation relief, birthed a solo, worship-project extending its corroding hands out to fans of the mired negativity of Dystopia, Column Of Heaven, and Intensive Care. No contrived nomenclature or genre positing can nail down what Alec Tullio (Zek/Maladia) is doing sonically with Casing, but the demeanor and ethos of a punk eschewing the confines of guitar-based music for noise is unmistakable.

This EP immediately attracted the attention of both Tapes Of Wrath and Anthems of The Undesirable, and we are equally proud and excited to be working together to release Casing’s debut both in Europe and in North America. Limited to 125 copies on clear (Anthems/US), grey (Tapes Of Wrath/Ireland), and red (Casing/UK) Dolby Stereo cassettes, with a full-color 3-panel J-card, lyric insert, two buttons, and an exclusive sticker.

Available from Casing (UK), SuperFi (EU) and Anthems of The Undesirable (US).




“Weight” is the second album from the Manchester-based collective known as Burrowing. It is the brainchild of Liam Stewart, drummer of instrumental wizards Nasdaq (as well as many, many other bands) with whom SuperFi made a great record a few years back.

Together with a small army of vocalists and collaborators, the intention was to distill each idea down to its essence and build it up again into whatever form it emerged into naturally, with no preconception of what that may be. Genre-defying variety is the name of the game here, with heavy, doomy moments rubbing shoulders with introspective indie-rock, prog drones and even synth-pop. Others have called it Jupiter-era Cave In meets Zombi meets From Monument to Masses meets Faraquet meets “the 1970s” (thanks to Apathy And Exhaustion blog for that).

This is out on our Tapes Of Wrath sub-label. There is a CD version which the band made which we also have in stock.



HARROWED - Chaotic Nonentity LP

Three years down and Harrowed finally return from a self imposed exile. What have the clandestine three piece learned during their time in the wilderness? Has isolation nurtured the seed of compassion for the fate that awaits their fellow man as the western world seems intent on it’s own destruction? Have they have returned with the fire with which to illuminate humanities path back to compassion and reason? Have they fuck.

Harrowed’s second album ‘Chaotic Nonentity’ feels less like a collection of songs and more like a descent through the nine circles. Thirteen reflections upon the structural damage inherent in the human condition.

Opener Stark Terrors is a jarring ram raid of shattered glass riffs and rabid apostate gospel. Vocalist Seb Leslie’s godless bellow is unrelenting throughout. One Hundred Years lyrics read like extracts from a generations suicide note. The poetry of a man truly at the end of his rope. It is the last baring of splintered teeth. The final act of defiance against a world spiraling out of control. Tearing at the hand that nails the coffin lid shut.

Despite the crushing nihilism that creeps from every pore of this record, it’s not without texture. There are tiny flickers of light; occasional flourishes of spartan melody claw their way to the surface beneath the sheets of howling guitars and funeral drums. Shards of hope lurking in the depths of Disconnexion’s mournful lament. These moments of acute contrast is best described by Harrowed themselves in Inauthenticide as a “bloom in the dirt of the human race”.

Harrowed have not allowed the scars of Into Inferno to heal. Have not allowed the passage of time to dilute their collective scorn one drop. In tearing out the sutures of those old wounds to expose the nerve damage and create a death knell so raw and belligerent fit to chronicle these apocalyptic times.

Co-released with Feast Of Tentacles




After over a year of delays and warped test pressings, the Jotnarr LP is finally available. "Burn And Bury", their first vinyl effort blew us away with its black metal-tinged hardcore punk. Now here's their first album proper. A trio hailing from the fairly un-grim wastes of Colchester in the east of England. Chris, Simon and Ollie have all been plugging away in various bands before getting together in 2013 to jam what could be considered to be black metal, with its scathing, evil atmosphere, fused to a belligerently hardcore punk backbone, topped off with elements of screamo. Heavy, devastating and yet melodic. For fans of early Ulver, His Hero Is Gone and Wolves In The Throne Room.

Dave from A Horse Called War recorded it and Jack Burley from Earthmass did the art.

This is co-released with FHED (UK), IFB (USA), React With Protest (DE), Rip Roaring Shit Storm (UK) and Vetala Productions (UK). There is a CD version on Prismatik Records.

It's also available as a free download from bandcamp and is on other digital platforms.



I haven't got them in my hands but these records will be available from me extremely soon!


Hardcore fucking punk rock from Leicester featuring members of Nothing Clean and Mangle.

This is co-released with At War With False Noise, Gronk, Kids Of The Lughole, Nuclear Mind and Samizdat Records.


Sky:Lark! is a power trio truly worthy of the name. Their third LP is a healthily noisy post-hardcore racket, like Shotmaker, Fugazi, Karp, Hoover and the like, though they transcend their influences to make something all their own. Occasional blasts of sax abound to keep you on your toes. This is the heavy, twisty and weird, like the band members.

This is limited to 250 copies and co-released with Boslevan and Records On Ribs Records.




This is the new EP from Steinar, Norway's one-man grind wunderkind and also the brains behind Brutal Blues and Psudoku. On side A of this 7" EP there are 5 heavy hardcore punk/grind tracks. On side B there are an unknown number of noisegrind songs grouped into 10 tracks. Just like on the 2017 split 7 inch with Gynekologene, this is Parlamentarisk Sodomi as a duo, with Hålgård Kalverud on vocals.

The main themes of this release are nuclear war, cannibalism during nuclear war, sports during nuclear war, as well as sexual deviance and disease (for instance diarrhea) among politicians and other powerful people.

This is limited to 500 copies and co-released with Deaf Death Husky Records and Snack Ohm Tapes.




From the UK's blackened core (aka Leicester) comes Nothing Clean, whose members have spent time in such excellent outfits as Mangle, Hangover Heartattack, Diet Pills and Meatpacker. After a number of split EPs this is their first album proper, with some songs making a reappearance alongside brand new ragers. For a minimal outlay you get maximum bang for your buck with about forty songs in 20 minutes. Powerviolence is the word, bordering on grindcore at times. This is legitimately vicious, intense stuff, allowing itself little room for variation but instantly establishing this quartet as one of the Shittish Isles' finest, fastest hardcore combos. Bordering on grindcore for sure, Nothing Clean are honouring the spirit of the most insanely compact West Coast powerviolence bands of the mid-90s: Spazz and Lack Of Interest, particularly.

There are 500 copies on black vinyl. It is co-released with Abusive Noise, Circus Of The Macabre, Force Fed, Repulsive Medias, Samizdat and Vleesklak Record.




In the dark days of 2013, Flo from the band Stuntman extended the hand of friendship across the Channel and offered Art Of Burning Water a slot at a festival he ran in an old chateau on top of a mountain in the south of France called Yellfest. AOBW had not played outside the UK and Ireland in all their long existence and so made the trek down. Great times were had by all and a pledge was made to enshrine the moment on a split release, and here it is. Stuntman hail from the south of France and make a manic, panicked type of chaotic metallic hardcore in the vein of Deadguy and Coalesce. AOBW just don't stop do they? This one features an epic one by them, melodic, soaring at times, but punk at heart. There's a Deep Wound cover too.

There are 113 copies on gold vinyl and 320 copies on black. It is co-released with Bigout, Dingleberry, Ecstatic Shock, Emergence, Jungle Khol and Wooaaaargh Records.



SIORAI GEIMHREADH - Sitting Patiently LP

A trio of unassuming brothers from Cork via County Wexford, Síoraí Geimhreadh (which means "Eternal Winter" in Irish and is pronounced Sheery Geevra) are now over a decade into their obscure existence. Beginning as a black metal outfit, their current sound is informed by doom and noise rock, but beholden to their own experimental impulses rather than any genre norms. Siorai Geimhreadh's approach intentionally avoids specific genre definition or stylistic markers, instead embracing a sense of openness in their playing. While their music is heavy, intense and noisy, they never strictly follow any one way of playing or attempt to work within a specific style. Instead, they work to create a style of their own through a shared intuitive method. Recent releases see the band constantly dismantling and reassembling their sound. Their 2012 tape (which intentionally was never given a name) consists of two tracks of dense, freeform noise rock. Their 2015 album "Not A Room" (released on Fort Evil Fruit) works around a single repeated pattern, drifting out of structure in a departure from previous work, creating tension through extreme repetition, subtle mumbling synthesiser and an uncanny sparseness. "Sitting Patiently" acts as a counterpoint to "Not a Room". It is a return to the more visceral work of earlier releases, transformed through a focus on freeform methods of playing. "Sitting Patiently" is a single track spread over two sides of an LP. Side A is immediate and disorienting, with frenetic playing and a raw vocal delivery. The B side sees the track find a sense of tangible structure, which proceeds to slowly drift apart as it progresses.

"Sitting Patiently" will be out on 06/04/18 and is co-released with Box Emissions and Existentiell Records.




The UK can be a grim place at times. Come visit Leicester and/or Hereford sometime. Mangle make the most stripped-down, zero bullshit hardcore powerviolence of any band around. A ferocious, single-minded blast of pure fury. Fetus Christ have a sense of humour, but it's still vicious, bizarre, fuzz-tinged thrashing hardcore on the verge of grinding its own head off.

Co-released by Dead Heroes, Nuclear Mind and Vleesklak Records.



Here is a looooooooong overdue update! Basically, the Atomck LP and Famine / Art Of Burning Water split 7" are out now, and there are a bunch of slightly older releases you should get too.

ATOMCK - Every Room In Britain LP

Atomçk are a trio from the UK's wet and wild south-west. They have been plugging away for over a decade, evolving their primitive noise roots into a uniquely eccentric and offbeat brand of grindcore for thee end-tymes. "Every Room In Britain" is a 17-minute head crusher of cacophonous chaos, all furiously catchy riffs and inhumanly shrill, stuck-ape vocals with pinpoint drums that border on the chaotic.

Recorded and mixed by Boulty at Stuck On A Name Studio, on December 3rd and 4th, 2015. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Cover art by Luke Oram. Co-released by Rip Roaring Shit Storm, Made In The Meth Lab, Stop Talking, Wooaaargh and SuperFi.


Leeds versus London on this split, with killer grinding powerviolence battling war-hardened mangled hardcore. Lightning fast Leeds powerviolence trio Famine have been raising hell for a while now, toured a bunch and laid down a hell of a lot of notes. They play fast and hard grinding hardcore that stops and turns on a dime but maintains the flow and a rich sense of humour. Art Of Burning Water just don’t quit with their dark, mean mangled hardcore punk. Brutal heaviness takes hardcore punk on tangents that it usually never tackles, with more ideas in 4 minutes than most bands achieve on a whole album.

And these are some older releases we didn't feature on the news page yet:


Raging messed up powerviolence thrash from Leicester does battle with the long-running London mangled hardcore punkers (who also do a Negative Approach cover).


Crows from Dublin, Ireland inject some much needed freshness and vitality into the metallic hardcore genre. Absolutely crushing riffs, pointed and pertinent lyrics and tastefully powerful songwriting make their three contributions to this split essential. Smart, intelligent hardcore.

Beast As God from Nottingham in the UK are something of a supergroup, combining their experience with a healthy obsession with the nineties to create a total steamroller of a track. Think Dystopia, Ire, Disembodied, Catharsis and the like and you might be in the right ballpark.

ART OF BURNING WATER - All Obedient Beasts Worship Tape

A noise and soundscape effort from the mangled hardcore mob. All sounds dissected, regurgitated and mechanically reformed using parts and sections from AOBW's noise by Wayne P and Goatface Thrilla at Wayne's yard in Brentford, West London.


Containment are a hardcore band featuring people that can actually play, innovating around the different features of the genre to make something melodic, emotional and urgent. Sam used to be in Isolation Tank who we did our first split with (apart from the American Heritage / Foe one ten years previous).

AOBW supply an unreleased original track from the recording session that bore our side of the Isolation Tank split (a nice bit of Ouroborean circularity there) which sounds a bit Wipers-meets-Deftones (just my opinion) and a cover of Rudimentary Peni's "Rotten To The Core" which took us fucking ages to get right.


Click [here] to read some old news if you are interested.