Early Humans / Kill Yourself
Split 7"

EH1. Fuck-All Awaits You There
EH2. Were You There (When They Crucified My Movie)?
KY1. Robofuckingcop
KY2. Innuit Song

Early Humans were from the Washington D.C. area, and their brand of exceptional experimental and unpredictable arty hardcore managed to confound as much as it entertains. Kill Yourself were a relatively new UK band managing to create something new and twisted from the Shellac / Jesus Lizard blueprint, all loose fretless rhythms and yelling scree. The artwork was by Anna Peaker.

Released ???


7" ltd. to 500 (or so), on thick, 70 gramme vinyl, all on half pink/half brown vinyl.

This was a split release with The Audacious Art Experiment.

Another monstrously heavy, dual-coloured platter from the Superfi cave here, with each band playing grimy, Shellac-tinged rock and fuggin’ roll that couples a deftness of rhythm with weighty riffs wielded like a lead pipe in the apelike hands of a hired goon. The gift both of these bands possess is that they don’t get tangled up in their own arsing around, never forgetting that all the smarts in the world wouldn’t save their songs if the rock wasn’t present. It’s a close call, but Early Humans probably win the day with their trickling guitar lines and a piss-drunk swagger that makes them come across like a red-eyed Rye Coalition the morning after last night’s party. Kill Yourself more than hold their own, happily bringing the rock to your house and knocking a few holes in the walls to boot. They opt for a sprightlier, more frenetic approach and manage to slot words like “papoose” into their songs while rocking like utter bastards. Rather than rest on its laurels and merely sound great the record also has the good grace to look extremely handsome, equipped with a cut-out-and-play sticker set with which to decorate the sleeve. Not only is this a charmingly novel idea, but also provides something to do with the record once the deafening thuds and crashes have left you plagued with tinnitus and unable to enjoy their less than tender charms.