The Process
The Covenant Of The Cosmos LP

01. A Stirring In The Cosmic Slumber
02. The Awakening
03. Ceaseless Burning Desires
04. Covenant Of The Cosmos
05. Occultation
06. Alternative Three
07. The Vastness Of Mana
08. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
09. War To The Warbringer
10. The Universes Waltz Out Of Time
11. Ouroboros

The Processian brothers humbly submit their definitive epistle, an end to clamour and a route to sustenation for those eager to transcend the lumpen, meagre fetters of Earthly existence.

Titan awaits the birth of the red giant, preparing for colonisation. Helios sates his voracious appetite evolving unto nebula. Entropy is inevitable, auguring destruction, predicating reconstitution.

Pax Vobiscum, brethren of the Golden Stone, your journey nears conclusion. Rosicrucian fraternity, knowers of veracity, seekers of perfection. Occultus mastery, ancient cognition, draw up and rubricate the Covenant of the Cosmos, the Hermetic binding, for we are all stars. Entwined in the waltz of the Universe, now beating in time, restored. Sol Invictus! As above, so below, the endlessly victorious fire of Surya, the burning eyes, Saturnalia, let the bounties of the Earth be plentiful to those who listen to this treatise.

Behold! Kaamos is banished! Hail the everlasting Sun!

The posthumous album from Scotland's purveyors of Illuminati influenced holy terror. Features ex-members of Shank, Scatha and In Decades Decline.

Release date 15/09/16.

Co-released with At War With False Noise.

Ltd. to 275 copies on black.

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The Quietus
Social commentary is in abundance on the second, sadly posthumous, album by Scottish metallic hardcore conceptualists The Process: The Covenant Of The Cosmos (Superfi / At War With False Noise) talks of war, global warming and overpopulation during its eleven immersively heavy songs. Its chosen issues are never used as a cudgel, though, rather as fuel for a lyrical worldview that originates in the theology of The Process Church Of The Final Judgement. Accordingly, considerable weight is placed on the notion of humanity leaving behind a dying Earth, either via space travel (as endorsed on ‘Alternative Three’) or a still more nebulous ascension to a higher plane (‘Ceaseless Burning Desires’). All this being crypto-Scientological poppycock, I have my doubts that The Process – whose five members have been in a wide array of other bands, all far more spiritually bereft – were ever true adherents to this credo. They were damn good at talking the talk, though: I remember seeing them supporting Iron Lung about a decade ago, where vocalist Gav Brown introduced every song with nailed-on swivel-eyed cult preacher patter. As they write on the back of The Covenant, “Where allegory ends and verity commences is a question The Process have long considered.” Alternatively, if you don’t feel up to sifting through the dense array of imagery, you can merely get down to some legit ragers by one of the UK’s more inventive 21st century hardcore bands. The influence of Cleveland’s Integrity and the Holy Terror movement they coined (itself inspired somewhat by the Process Church) was always fairly apparent, especially on The Process’ 2007 debut LP Rosenkreutz – but here melodies are permitted to breathe, structures and song lengths going beyond hardcore orthodoxy. The title track, for example, resembles epic doom metal as much as anything; ‘Occultation’ is burly post rock with twinkly synth parts and samples from the 1970s mockumentary Alternative 3. Equally, in the vicious hardcore stakes The Process are more lethal than ever. ‘The Vastness Of Mana’ features death metal vocals from Brown and some fast as fuck instrumental parts that could have been ripped from any number of militantly masculine metalcore muggers from late-90s mainland Europe. The Covenant Of The Cosmos is an unnervingly literate album with the power to satisfy base, brutish musical desires.

Cadaver Garden
Mixing together hardcore, grind and what can only be described as cosmic atmosphere is The Process trailing along with them as they burst from a dying star is their newest release titled The Covenant of the Cosmos. This release is filled with eleven songs that are ripping and utterly destructive and yet they find a way to make you feel as though you’ve been lost among the stars. Most of the songs make you feel as though you have been swallowed up in the aftermath of a supernova, but when that subsides and when The Process so chooses you get to be submitted to some mind warping cosmic atmosphere. This release not only gets stuck in your head but it also caves it in with the best as you get subjected to heavy and hard hitting hardcore that is in your face for the entire listen. The Covenant of the Cosmos is one solid song after the next and each song really does provide you with something new and different. Never does one song sound similar to the ones that came before it, and with that The Process gives you plenty of variety and plenty to listen for and soak in. Throughout The Covenant of the Cosmos, The Process keeps you intrigued and keeps you listening for the entirety of the album. As one song turns to the next you can’t seem to press pause or take a break. Unlike most hardcore that is unruly and completely spastic, The Process brings something different to the table. They bring controlled chaos and bring a tight and crisp sound to you that still will make you headbang and feverishly thrash around even if the sound is a bit more refined. As mentioned, you never really know what sound you will be getting next with The Process. The ethos of this band is hardcore of course, but mixed in with that are elements of ambiance and slower tempos that ultimately create a melodious sound. The majority of the songs that are present on this record give you both the headbanging, brain damaging and neck snapping variety as well as a more melodious sound that takes you cruising through the cosmos. Each song that is present on this record is filled with sharp riffs, punishing drums, heavy bass lines, and vocals that are straining and throat tearing. The heavy musicianship is mixed together with celestial sounds as well at times to create a dark and mystic atmosphere. No matter what sound you get while listening to this release, you get something that is all together comprehensive, cohesive, sharp and heavy. The Process created a hardcore album that is interesting and a very unique album that warrants more than a few listens.