Famine / Art Of Burning Water
Split 7"

F1. Carnage On The Ankle Of Rice
F2. Squid
F3. All The Faces
A1. Lack Of Understandment
A2. Slapped To Death
A3. Marisa

Leeds versus London on this split, with killer grinding powerviolence battling war-hardened mangled hardcore. Lightning fast Leeds powerviolence trio Famine have been raising hell for a while now, toured a bunch and laid down a hell of a lot of notes. They play fast and hard grinding hardcore that stops and turns on a dime but maintains the flow and a rich sense of humour. Art Of Burning Water just donít quit with their dark, mean mangled hardcore punk. Brutal heaviness takes hardcore punk on tangents that it usually never tackles, with more ideas in 4 minutes than most bands achieve on a whole album.

Release date 28/07/17.

Limited to 500 7"'s on black vinyl.

Co-released with Dead Heroes.

This Noise Is Ours
I better be quick with this one. Famine has always been entertaining and the Jeremy Clarkson sample at the beginning of Carnage On The Ankle Of Rice shows no end to that. Their grinding is as frenetic as ever too, with the dual screams and precise noise making full use of the short song-length. Thereís groove and structure to Squid and no time at all for slow, stomping riffs or breakdowns. Itís just breakneck. All The Faces might refer to the cover art of this split, but whatever, itís songs like this that show why they were chosen to play Obscene Extreme last year. Wicked fun. Art Of Burning Water is no different on their side, except for the low-end that kicks off Lack Of Understandment. Theirís is a cross between grind and peculiar black metal. Slapped To Death is the splitís only sub one-minute song and itís pretty disturbing. Subtle hints of mosh adorn closing song Marisa, though not the popular sort. AOBW just seems to get darker and darker with each song on here. Itís great to hear new Famine songs on record again and Art Of Burning Waterís continual evolution gets better and better. Two of the UKís hardest working DIY bands together can only be a good thing.