De Novissimis / Tunguska
Split 7"

D1. Dignitas
T1. Just A Story
T2. Pieces Of Life

Ireland has had a brilliant and diverse DIY scene as showcased by this doom and d-beat matchup.

Released 01/06/06.


Ltd. to 525 7"'s.

Co-released with:

Attack Fanzine
Tunguska from Dublin, Ireland, but with members also originating from Poland, are delivering two tracks of dark and hard hitting hardcore tunes on here, with one foot in the d-beat and another in crust - but always ready to step out of the mould and incorporate other influences as well. The angry riffs and accompanying sharp melodies are executed in a real powerful manner on here, making Tunguska being an explosive and twitchy as well as doom laden band. Features ex- and current members of Easpa Measa, Silence, and Antichrist (the latter two being from Poland) to name some and I feel that using these as musical references can give you an idea on what we're dealing with. De Novissimis (also Dublin) are even darker, mixing some extremely heavy, loud, and down tuned music with experimental screamo and ambient noise in the one long track on their side. Sometimes they play slow doom and at other times they increase the speed almost reaching blast beat levels. This is quite good and they undoubtedly manage to set the dark and agonizing atmosphere they're after as this is almost painful to listen to, and I'm not meaning painful as in bad here. This is the soundtrack to doomed souls screaming in agony. Don't worry about the screamo part by the way, it's just a few small influences, it does not in anyway make this suck.

The Wire
Tunguska And De Novissimis are, by all reports, two of Dublin's heavier units. Listening to their new split single, that's easy enough to believe. Tunguska do a decent sort of post-punk power metal, fast and throbby enough to go by without bumming you out. De Novissimis are more interesting, combining a kind of angular jerk motion with riffs the size of Vitus or Sabbath. More classicist than glacial, when they do slow things down they manage to sound more like Swans than Earth, so that's pretty hip.

Fucking great split single with two bands that were new to me, Tunguska and De Novissimis. Both bands share the same city; Dublin, Ireland. The side I put on first was the one from De Novissimis, which blew me away with some very grimm vocals on top of dark, powerfull, blasting sludgy metal riffs. When the song reaches its middle point, they crack down in some slow, meaty sludge core that has the right atmosphere: negative, evil and heavy. De Novissimis only provide one song on their side, but it's a ferocious one. On the other side we find Tunguska, who share two songs with us. Just like De Novissimis I have the feeling that Tunguska wants to let the world/scene know what they're capable of. Result: no filler, all killer. The two songs of brutal, metallic hardcore has the same powerfull blasting capacity as their compagnons on the split. Tunguska speed everything up though. Pretty fast riffing and bombastic, yet fast drumming. Sometimes the atmosphere from their two songs reminded me of Buried Inside etc. At the end of the second song they include some more melodic, higher pitched guitars too (yet they stay brutal). Awesome 7".

Die Shellsuit Die
Another blast of quality from the SuperFi Records stable, this time teamed up with Rimbaud records to bring some focus on the Irish scene. First up we have Tunguskaís dirty, epic D-beat that over the space of 2 tracks bring to mind His Hero Is Gone and Reversal Of Man scrapping it out. All distorted riffage, nasty vocals and wilful dissonance. Class stuff. De Novissimis follow with some quality sludgy, hateful hardcore, stomping all over the line between hardcore and doom. 6 long minutes of wretched riffs and vocals and itís all over. A quality showing from 2 bands you should really give the time of day to.

Going Through The Motions
Tunguska are from Dublin, Ireland and sound a lot like Tragedy. Itís actually really good, heavy, gloomy hardcore with enough tempo changes to keep it interesting. They're good, but they don't deviate too much from the current sound of hardcore. The b side is another Irish band, De Novissimis, who are a slower, tuned down, sludgy doom rock sort of band. My knowledge of the style is pretty limited, so my liking this might be immature, but IĎm definitely into it. I donít know what was up with their artwork, as judging by their side of the insert they came across as some weird pop-punk garage band, but shit started falling off my shelves due to the vibrations of this band and the record wasnít even on really loud. Heavy as all hell.