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01. How Do You Make Bad Decisions Look So Ravishing?
02. Frown Lines Come From The Years You Spent Unlearning What They Learned You
03. Keith Franke Decapitation Fascination
04. Vile Conduct Manifests
05. Show Me Your Stump
06. When I Was A Little Girl...

The second release by the UK-based grind supergroup, made up of the drummer from The Afternoon Gentlemen and the guitarist from Art Of Burning Water. It sounds like the ideal mix of those two bands: fast as all hell but with plenty of jagged, offbeat, jabbing riffs, this time overlaid with an almost shoegaze-ish wash of noise. Twisted and complicated but with tons of driving fury that brings to mind both the old and new skools with elements of the genuine artfulness of Discordance Axis and the human looseness of Brutal Truth say. 250 copies with screenprinted kraft sleeves.

Released 17/02/17.

Ltd. to 300 copies on black.

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Collective Zine
The Beg LP was great and this little platter certainly doesn't disappoint by way of follow-up, providing a nasty, gnashing dose of angularly-oriented grindcore. The blasts are hectic and the venomous riffing is razor sharp, but while the band deal excellently in flat-out grind things are also informed by the wiry tangles and moribund chugs of Keelhaul or KEN mode, thus bringing to mind the mutant filth served up by Triac, Watchmaker and Defeatist. This is all topped off with a blustery, blown-out production that lends things a borderline artsy air – a strange thing to say, perhaps, but it's apparent nonetheless. Fear not, though, fair grindfreaks, because despite this cursory nod towards common decency it still can't do anything to conceal the Bowie knives, brass knuckles and half-bricks that Beg have concealed about their person and are only too happy to deploy.

Routine Stomps
Superhuman chaos grind from a member of Art of Burning Water (‘PhD-beat‘ 10/10) and a member of The Afternoon Gentlemen – so restless and heavily encrypted it could be both bands playing at once. Beg churn out the most challenging spread of riff/blasts you’re likely to encounter this year, segmenting their tracks into hundreds of brutal hurdles that hurt the brain as much as the ears, and underneath the bursts of flak, a constant nauseous whirl of soft noise exarcebates the pervading sense of unease. Krupskaya and Narcosis both hit this level of rare intensity in years passed, but neither did it in this warped manner, bringing in serrated bits of repurposed AmRep sludge and maniac powerviolence and often executed as surgically as extreme metal. A truly brilliant seven minutes of mastergrind 7".

Cadaver Garden
Providing you with a twisting, sharp and completely destructive brand of grind is Beg and they are back with their second release which is self titled. Within this EP you get six scorching songs that do their very best to melt your face right off of your skull and then some. Even though each song is short in typical grind fashion and only two songs surpass the two minute mark these songs are powerful and incredibly explosive. Not only that but they get your neck cranking and your head banging from the get go. Beg doesn’t take very long to get going as they drop right into the first song and never look back from there as they leave a mass of twisted metal and mangled bodies in their wake. Each song is high octane neck snapping grind that will bulldoze you into the ground if you aren’t careful and even if you are you would probably get bulldozed anyway. When listening you can’t help but to play this EP as loud as you can until your neighbor hears and their ears get shredded as well. This self titled EP is just a loud release no matter which way you slice it and that is due to the razor sharp riffs, punchy drums and the vocals that are screamed and barked at you from all different directions. Each song is a maelstrom of twisting and chaotic metal that just doesn’t quit and even after you are done listening you still have the songs whirling around in your head. This is a short yet sharp and well executed release that leaves your head spinning and your neck hurting. Throughout this EP Beg rolls six songs of unrelenting grind and once you press play they send you on a twisted grind fueled ride and when it’s over you want to press play again. If grind is what you are looking for and you are looking for something that is explosive, high energy and completely whiplash inducing then you can’t go wrong with this self titled release from Beg. This is a solid six track release that provides you with plenty of grind and plenty of content even though the tracks are short and it gets you to come back for more.

Like pairing a lovely Burgundy with some baked camembert, Beg have come together to mash Art Of Burning Water with The Afternoon Gentlemen to create a taste sensation. Except that sensation is gritty, grimy and feels like being shoved under a train. Grind, by it's very nature is quick, but this is crazy. Like you'd expect, Geith (AoBW screecher/guitarist) and Smith (AG drummer) create a suitably horrid concoction here with vocalist Ed, fusing the ripping sound both those bands have into one, bite-sized whole. There's no fear of pausing for reflection here, it's loud, brash and primitive. It's not unlike late 90s Relapse Records stuff, all precision-pointed blasts of heaviness broken up by blunt force trauma sections of chugging, all relentlessly gripping. While we're talking about this band, similarly harrowing is their debut here. Listen to both, freak out. Whatever.

Blow The Scene
Today we feature the smoldering second release by UK grinders BEG. The trio features The Afternoon Gentlemen drummer Elliot Smith and Art Of Burning Water guitarist Geith Al-Robei. Throughout this self-titled EP you will find a solid blend of both old-school and new-school grindcore. Influences reminiscent of the driving rawness delivered by early Cryptopsy, Carcass, and Discordance Axis is clearly present, while exploring the progressive powerviolence and crust sensibilities of bands in the ballpark with Weekend Nachos and Full Of Hell. The noise elements compliment this concoction well and do not carry on too long or become a distraction from the power of the base material. Interesting glimpses of crust, driving d-beats, hardcore and even 90’s screamo-esque sections surface and then disappear seamlessly into the darkness. All-in-all a great EP that fans of the genre should be aware of. This release is limited to 300 copies with custom screen-printed kraft sleeves via SuperFi Records.